Rubik Diablos
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 175 CM
Weight 56 KG

Description Edit

Rubik Diablos has short, shorty scruffy dark cobalt hair, his face bearing red. Accompanying his tall stature, his physique is well-developed and heavy with muscle. Rubik has two weapons, dual pistols made of pure silver, these pistols can fire a bullet enveloped with blue flames, the pistols go by the name of Cobalt. His second weapon is a large platinum blade, Hellfire, which can be enveloped by blue flames when commanded by voice. Rubik mainly wears on top of a white buttoned shirt, and he wears tight black jeans, lastly, he has leather black boots. Rubik has a colourful Rubik Cube (he was named after the cube), which he keeps, sometimes he may be seen trying to solve it but nevertheless it would never be solved, bringing upon his temporary frustration. Rubik has cobalt-black leathery wings but he hides them from others, tucking them into his flesh. He'll probably be seen without his leather jacket, showing a white unbuttoned shirt, showing his manly chest. Rubik may wander around topless at will. A black dragon tattoo with a tinge of dark-blue is on his back, the dragon tattoo has a long body which seems to belong to a Chinese dragon.


Rubik is compassionate and caring, though when he enters his beast form he become brutal and aggressive, but fully in control. He is polite to other


  • Rubik's last name means devil/demon in spanish

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